Top Dog excels at tenant build-outs, service repairs, and the installation and repair of commercial roofs. A strong roof built with integrity and quality materials will not only pass the test of time and weather the elements, it will prevent the majority of water leaks that occur at commercial properties. Top Dog makes our commercial customers a priority so they can get back to work!

Building to the minimum standards to meet code is one of the main reasons commercial roofs leak. They are not originally built with materials designed to withstand extreme weather over time, including seasonal freezes and thaws. If a ceiling stain appears or water is dripping onto your floor, the damage is already underway. 

Water infiltration can compromise the internal structure of a building, destroy valuable inventory and equipment, create slippery surfaces, and put employees and customers at risk for injury. Top Dog will provide an immediate response for commercial clients and our Class A BLD licensed repairmen will come using commercial-grade materials, never sealants, tape, or caulking—all of which break down over time.

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