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Are you looking for a water leak detection company in Northern Virginia or surrounding area?

If you have a leak in your home or suspect you might, getting that problem solved should be your number one concern. Yet even more important is hiring a company that can find your leak's source and repair it professionally, with quality materials so it does not happen again.

Dreams down the Drain
If you have your dream home, a serious leak can have catastrophic results if left untreated. There are different types of leaks, some that are quite evident and other more serious leaks that can go undetected for years.

Evident leaks are usually plumbing leaks where pipes are exposed and you can readily see the leak. Having these fixed by a Top Dog qualified and licensed plumber can be done easily and efficiently.

However, hidden leaks, those that occur from plumbing pipes behind walls, roof leaks and basement leaks can often go unnoticed for years. Yet in the meantime these leaks can cause thousands more in damage because they went untreated. If you are a new homeowner, or have never had a professional leak detection company assess your home; now is the time.

Leak Detection in Northern Virginia
When it comes to leak detection, you never want a second-rate company. These companies do not always find the true source of the leak and merely patch the existing leak with poor materials such as tape, caulking or a sealant. By letting the problem fester behind the scenes, they can expect you to call them again and again.

Pay once, for a solution that will last a lifetime with Top Dog Professional Leak Detection Services. With decades of experience from a team of experts on home and building structures, Top Dog employs professionals with state-of-the-art leading-edge tools to properly assess your problem. Only when the true source is found, do the repairs start. These repairs include structural repairs that either replace or reinforce the original structure with quality commercial materials that are meant to withstand the test of time.

Stop the Sieve
When your home or business suffers a leak, it's like a sieve on your bank account. Anywhere in Northern Virginia like Gainesville, Fairfax and Warrenton Top Dog can help you permanently seal the leak.

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